5 Dias para Deathly Hallows

Sunday, November 14, 2010

O Countdown acontece no Twitter, com fotos! Ja passaram la para conferir? (@LiviaD11)

Citacao do Dia:

"That Potter lives is due more to my errorsthan to his triumphs... I have been careless, and so have been thwarted by luck and chancethose wreckers of all but the best laid plansBut I know better now. I understand those things that I did not understand before. I must be the one to kill Harry Potter, and I shall be."


  1. Ai, que ansiedade! Mal posso esperar para ver a ascensão de Lord Voldemort!

  2. Tá chegandoooo *_*

    #Estou assistindo todos os filmes novamente para entrar no clima e lógico relendo HP!



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